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what is the latest episode of intervention?

Nearly every year since Intervention premiered, overdose deaths in the United States have increased. Per IMDb, Season 23 of A&E hit “Intervention” finished airing on December 6, 2021. There were only a couple months between the end of Season 22 and the beginning of Season 23, however, so fans might not be waiting too long for new episodes.

what is the latest episode of intervention?

Failing to turn over a new leaf, ‘Intervention’ chronicles the journey of several individuals who fail to leave behind a life of addiction. The A&E reality television show features the steps just2trade forex broker the family members of the addicts take to get them on the right track. As the subjects try to leave a life of alcoholism and substance abuse behind, several dramatic situations occur.

Who will be appearing on Season 24 of Intervention?

Clayton was eventually redeemed when he found happiness with his girlfriend and had a daughter. Experts consulted by Vanity Fair agreed there is a need for accurate, responsible programming around the escalating overdose crisis. Intervention or another show like it could provide valuable information, though sources had different ideas of how an effective series might look. Some, like Tracy Masters—whose daughter Elann Masters was profiled on the Canadian version of the show but ultimately died of a purposeful overdose—are grateful Intervention exists at all. Though the outcome wasn’t what she’d hoped for her daughter, the show’s paid rehab trip “helped her for a while,” she says.

They call in interventionist Candy Finnigan in hopes that Tamela will recognize her great potential and go to treatment. Interventionist Donna Chavous must re-think Janine’s intervention now that she’s in jail. Interventionist Jim Reidy meets with Nicole’s dowmarkets family and learns how she ended up on the streets. 38-year-old heroin addict Bill finances his addiction by selling clean needles to other addicts. The city of Philadelphia organizes a mass eviction in Kensington to remove addicts from the neighborhood.

A following surgery helped save her life, but the cycle of chronic pain led her to spiral into years of addiction. “You’re high as a kite and you’re not even really thinking clearly to ask the appropriate questions, like, ‘Why are you following me around with a camera? ’ They have all these lights, and [you’re thinking it’s] just some random little rinky-dink documentary,” says Ashley Mazziotti. She was the subject of an Intervention episode over 10 years ago and says she has been recognized in public by people who’ve seen her doing drugs on television.

what is the latest episode of intervention?

After a blossoming future as a musician and dancer was rendered undone by an addiction to crystal meth, Michael’s life spiraled out of control. From working with renowned artists like Stevie Wonder and Oprah to collaborating with the hip-hop dance troupe Jabbawockeez, Michael was on the path to gaining worldwide acclaim. With a recurrent pattern of loss, Tristan turned to drinking to cope with the trauma that the death of his loved ones left behind. After losing his father to drinking, his mother to pancreatic cancer, and his elder brother Eric to an unfortunate accident, Tristan hit rock bottom. In the clip below from this week’s Intervention, we see the profiled addict, Latisha, basically walk all over her mother to smoke crack in her apartment.

Intervention Cast: Where Are They Now?

A concern is that those who watch Intervention may come away believing that confrontation and inpatient treatment are the only combination that can work to battle addiction. McKillop also took the opportunity to shout out 156 of the participants who’d taken part to date, all of whom, he proudly noted, were current in their sobriety. Addiction specialists Jeff Van Vonderen, Candy Finnigan, Donna Chavous, and Ken Seeley all returned for the final season. However, in 2014, LMN announced the series had been revived and would be returning to screens the following year, per TV By The Numbers. A&E subsequently confirmed the news in a press release, likewise noting their four experts would be back again, too.

  1. She appeared on ‘Intervention’ hoping to solve her shopping addiction that was slowly and steadily driving her towards bankruptcy.
  2. However, with the help of her mother, Tracy, Elann was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. We continue to hope that she keeps up her tireless resolve to stay sober and happy.
  4. In her teenage years, that moodiness turned to rebellion and she began to experiment with drugs.

Recently, A&E announced two specials and new episodes of the series will debut later this month. Mazziotti agreed to do that for the cameras, she says, because she’d been told the footage would be used for a student project at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Perhaps, she thought, the film would be viewed by a handful of sociology or psychology students, maybe a few professors. Now, she worries about how she will explain the footage to her daughter one day. Over 17 years and more than 300 episodes, the docuseries’ approach has remained largely the same.

About Series with Sophie

After being seduced at a young age by the notorious party scene of Las Vegas, Lexi got clean and started a family of her own, only to lose it all to a dangerous meth and heroin addiction. Mohsen Parsa, a business and entertainment attorney, notes that in order for a reality television subject to sign a contract, they have to be capable of understanding its terms. Brilliant and athletic, Amber was a star hockey goalie with dreams of playing for the Canadian national team.

– Susan (Season 22 – Episode

From witnessing the divorce of adoptive parents to cladding her true emotions, the television personality would binge-drink alcohol on weekends and return to her promising career in nursing during the week. Before long, she lost her means of sustenance, drowned her savings, and even amassed a criminal record. An unfortunate incident retrieved the once-incandescent soccer player into a life of addiction. After Kelsey was assaulted at the young age of 14, she became enclosed and hid her pain from everyone. Before long, she found herself developing an addiction to alcohol, cocaine and meth.

After being released from jail, Travis was arrested again in 2017 and 2020, which further saw him in a downward spiral. With Meeks not active on social media anymore, his current whereabouts are unknown. Still, we hope that he has since managed to kick his drug habit and is leading a sober life. Furthermore, she went back to school and graduated with flying colors, earning herself a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Released in 2021, season 22 of the reality series features 20 subjects. Since the show, fans have been curious to know more about their progress. Despite multiple overdoses and medical emergencies, Christine and her three adult children continue to use dangerous amounts of fentanyl together in their single studio apartment in Garden Grove, CA. In an effort to save their lives before it’s too late, their sober relatives work with interventionists Ken Seeley and Sylvia Parsons for an unprecedented intervention on the entire family of fentanyl addicts.

Intervention: Inside the Heroin Triangle

She has been sober since December 2020 and looks forward to repairing and rebuilding her relationships. After an injury sustained during a hockey match, Amber’s life was changed forever. For years, she went kvb forex through excruciating pain and didn’t receive a proper diagnosis. Ultimately, after her pain began affecting her mobility, doctors diagnosed her with a cyst in a spinal cord and fractured vertebrae.


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