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Keep in mind that both Issue and Lock transactions require a fee of 1 DOGE. Press “Create Token” after double-checking you have set your parameters correctly. You will then be greeted by a popup window asking you to confirm issuance of the token. Click here for a video on how to use JSON files for how to buy weth tokens. Most likely you will want to mint a Named token, which means you will need at least 0.5 XDP to create it.

One thing to be aware of is you should never open more than 1 dispenser at the same Dogewallet address! Doing so can result in different tokens being dispensed for a single incoming payment. how to calculate phantom profit To avoid this, we recommend setting up a dispenser from a new address each time you want to open one. First, let’s choose the new address at which we want to open the dispenser.

Little Shibe aims to build a whole DogeWorld based on various connected 2014 Dogeparty assets. OLGA was minted on August 13, 2014 by JP Janssen, while the artwork was added on November 20, 2022. MINICANVAS was issued by an unknown artist in block 359,438 on September 1, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in block 359,473. LTBC is Dogeparty’s first asset and was given to Adam B. Levine (who was hosting Speaking of Bitcoin, formerly Let’s Talk Bitcoin) on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,669).

The first Ordinals Soulbound Token

You will then be greeted by a new popup with a green “View Transaction” button in the middle. Click it if you’d like to see the blockchain entry for this transaction on the xchain block explorer. Here you can see the details of your transaction and check on its confirmation status. It is based on Freewallet, a time-tested Bitcoin wallet that is used for Counterparty assets and transactions. Dogewallet can be used to hold or transact DOGE, XDP and tokens created using the Dogeparty protocol. The overwhelming majority of 2014 Dogeparty do not have any artwork attached from the time they were issued.

Note that dispensers are by default listed by the date they were created and not by order of price. You can always sort them according to price by clicking on the “DOGE Price” column. Be sure to check the quantity in the Give Amount column to make sure you aren’t buying less than 1 token at what is a more expensive per-token price. Dogeparty works by sending and reading extra data in the Dogecoin blockchain that represents token-related transactions.

  • Head back to your Balances tab, and if you don’t already see the recently-purchased asset, press the refresh icon once every minute until it appears.
  • Keep in mind that both Issue and Lock transactions require a fee of 1 DOGE.
  • It also only costs 1 DOGE to place or fill an order, and it is available to anybody around the world.
  • Like Named or Numeric tokens, Subassets can also be used to display images or other media by entering the URL pointing to it in the description field.

Subassets are a third category of token that can be created in what is ethereum rollups, after Named and Numeric (as previously discussed). Much like a subdomain on an internet domain name, a Subasset is a token that has a second name attached to the parent token name, separated by a period. This is useful for those who want to create easily-identifiable collections or series. The naming conventions for Subassets are much less strict in that they can contain both lowercase letters and numbers.

And after other Namecoin assets with artwork like the punycodes and other Namecoin assets with artwork attached (the latter not mentioned in the figure). Besides these Dogeparty assets with ongoing distribution, there are some gems that have not been moved for many years. Like MINICANVAS, which shows a photo of a small IRL painting (note that the xchain explorer is not displaying the artwork but that you need to copy the Imgur link into a browser). Like in the case of Counterparty, staying on the native Dogeparty protocol requires a dedicated wallet. Once it’s loaded with Dogecoin, collectors can buy Dogeparty assets using dispensers (a kind of virtual vending machine). This detailed guide and the YouTube videos on dp.university provide further information how to set up a wallet and buy from dispensers/the DEX.

If you are sure you have entered everything correctly, press “Yes”. Note that you must first have at least 1 DOGE in your wallet to send an asset. Next, paste the address to which you want to send the asset in the Destination field, and enter the quantity to be sent in the Amount field. Sending and receiving assets is the same as sending/receiving DOGE in your Dogewallet. Assets are individual tokens stored in your address and are transferred independently of DOGE. This means you can have a balance of zero DOGE but still own assets.

Without further on-chain transactions (such as broadcasting the json file’s hash) the date when the artwork was added cannot be ascertained in a trust-less manner. BACKPACK was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 338,673 on August 16, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in block 342,281. The image was changed by its creator in January 2022 with CCO material to avoid potential image rights issues. THEONE is the first Dogeparty NFT in a strict technical sense, i.e., with a (locked) supply of one indivisible token. It was issued by JP Janssen (issuer of OLGA and JPJA on Counterparty) on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,962).[4] It’s description reads “My precious…”.

Head back to your Balances tab, and if you don’t already see the recently-purchased asset, press the refresh icon once every minute until it appears. After the purchase process is finished, the token will appear in your address balance. Next, paste the address copied to your clipboard in the Destination field and enter the quantity of tokens you wish to send for the dispenser in the Amount field. After the transaction has confirmed on the blockchain, your newly-purchased XDP will appear under your DOGE balance. If you don’t see it, click the refresh icon immediately above the DOGE logo. Congratulations, you are now a XDP owner and can begin making your own Named tokens on Dogeparty.

Attaching an Image

Click on “Address #2” to switch the wallet view to a new address, then press “OK”. Click here for a video explanation of how to buy assets/tokens from a dispenser. You’ll notice that some tokens have representative icons when listed in the Dogewallet (such as DOGE, for example). Icons are automatically generated within 24 hours from token creation, so it may take a while before you see it next to your token in the Dogewallet.

Destroy Supply

To buy XDP from a dispenser, first click on the XDP tab in the Dispensers menu. Click here for a video on how to use IPFS links in JSON files. Click here for a video explanation of how to attach an image to your token. Keep the Fee at 1 DOGE (the minimum fee for any Dogeparty transaction) and Priority as “High”. To get started, click on the Actions button in the top bar of the Dogewallet, which is the 5th button from the left (closest to the word “Dispensers”).

Dogeparty: NFT meta-layer on top of Dogecoin (Part

Along with a Gridseed Mini that will be awarded to the winner, all participants will receive donated tokens after each correctly completed problem. Along with a Antminer U2 that will be awarded to the winner, all participants will receive donated tokens after each correctly completed problem. This simple WordPress website was one piece of the user interface (UI) from our internet scavenger hunt game from 2014. We didn’t have much exposure back then, but we are proud of the innovative way we successfully integrated Dogeparty assets into our gameplay. There is a growing list of 2014 Dogeparty assets that were naked in the beginning but received artwork after Dogeparty’s relaunch (like the famous TEST Counterparty asset).

BlackHat project is entering Arbitrum One network

This makes it a highly powerful utility and a must-have for any Dogeparty user. Dogeparty is a protocol that provides additional functionality for Dogecoin by using a special set of rules to allow the creation of tokens on its blockchain. To do this, it uses software forked from Counterparty, which is the same concept, but built for the Bitcoin blockchain. The most famous examples of Counterparty tokens are known as Rare Pepes, which are (more-or-less) “digital trading cards” based on variations of the Pepe the Frog meme. That is pretty interesting because one could mint Counterparty assets already in January 2014 (compared to August 2014 in case of Dogeparty).

In Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they use this type of flag with a skull over crossed swords flown on the Black Pearl. The initial supply was 1,650 indivisible tokens, which was burned to a locked supply of 550. To secure the original image once the Imgur link become inactive in the future, Daniel broadcasted the artwork’s IPFS link in May 2023. There are some token attributes that can be modified after creation, including increasing/decreasing the total supply, changing its description, and transferring ownership to another address. You can also pay token holders dividends in the form of any other token, or even DOGE itself. You can even create subassets which are basically “child tokens” that use the token name as a “parent” name (sort of like subdomains on the internet).

The easiest way to purchase XDP is to buy it from a Dispenser (which we explain in the section below). Click here for a video on how to add new addresses to your Dogewallet. Click here for a video on how to view and change between addresses in your Dogewallet. You will now be presented with your wallet passphrase which is needed to log back into the wallet each time you log out. It is a sequence of 12 words generated in random order and is very similar to a seed phrase generated in other popular crypto wallets, like MetaMask, Electrum, or Exodus. For technical details of how Dogeparty works and its specifications, please read the official documentation for Counterparty, the protocol from which Dogeparty was directly ported.

Click here for a video explanation of how to send an asset/token. To send an asset, right-click it and select “Send (TOKENNAME) to…”. This will open a window that displays your primary Dogecoin address in your Dogewallet. The address is displayed in both QR code and plain text form. We created Dogeparty Runner to be a fun way to save big on new products while being competitively challenged along the way. Our weekly cyberhunts end with a raffle of all eligible runners.


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