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A standardized process for accounting firm employees can lower stress and boost productivity. There is less guesswork involved in your employees’ jobs when they are aware of what is expected of them and when it is anticipated. Instead, an automated workflow solution acts as the practice’s single data source. Team members can retrieve specific files within seconds and share documents with co-workers and clients as needed. Providing constructive feedback during the process will further improve your workflow for accountants and the overall quality of work. Implementing review and quality control processes will help you identify and rectify any errors in your workflows for accountants.

  • Accounting flowcharts show how your processes move from one task to another until they are complete.
  • Some of your accounts are temporary or nominal accounts, whereas others are permanent or real accounts.
  • Jetpack Workflow’s online system gives you visibility so you can monitor the progress of all your projects and evaluate the workload of each of your team members.
  • Creating a manageable workflow and process is a great way to firm up your firm.

Accounting AI automatically updates your general ledger after each transaction, eliminating the need for a grueling month-end close. A cloud accounting system securely stores company data online through remote servers rather than onsite. As a finance leader, you want to give yourself every conceivable advantage where cash flow visibility is concerned. For SaaS CFOs, accurate financial data is essential for making informed business decisions and driving success. From optimizing your product pricing to slashing your churn rates, practically every goal you have as a finance leader hinges on access to trustworthy data.

Accounting Firm Workflow Management Basics

It aids accountants, bookkeepers, and business owners to grow and scale. They have provided templates for various workflows for accountants including bookkeeping workflows, financial statement workflows, tax engagement workflows, and audit workflows. Each of these is tailored for the specific job but their templates also allow the flexibility to customize the workflow further based on your specific needs. Robust accounting workflow systems will minimize the time spent onboarding new clients and projects in the system – maximizing the time you have to actually work on the projects.

It facilitates auditing and enables management to identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement, fostering greater accountability among employees. Flowcharts use symbols, lines, and arrows to explain the actions and phases your accounting processes should go through (from start to finish). Accounting flowcharts show how your processes move from one task to another until they are complete. Looking for an example of workflow automation tool that includes the automations listed above?

  • With a more comprehensive and forward-looking perspective, your firm can guide clients through potential scenarios and plan for tax saving strategies.
  • You can gain a deeper understanding of all these facets of your business with a workflow system.
  • Analysis processes should happen regularly to ensure your firm continues to stay current with best practices in the industry.

Every member of your team should have clearly defined responsibilities. And everyone on your team should have a clear understanding of who does what. Collaboration is easier when everyone knows what they are responsible for and who to go to for help. Define the tasks that are most important for your firm’s ongoing success on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis. These are the tasks that, if left undone, would lead to negative consequences. Workflow management refers to the sequence of steps that one must take to complete a certain task.

In a service business like accounting, how you deliver your services is critical. Not only do you want to deliver the superior services, but you want to make a profit on them. Whether you are performing the work yourself or delegating the work to staff, you must manage the workflow in your accounting practice in order to maximize profit and deliver a quality product. This goes double for anyone thinking about (or using) fixed fees – if you fix your price, you must control your costs through systematizing your service delivery. Decreasing if not totally removing human error leads to higher integrity when doing accounting processes.

State Workflow

You should also note steps that frequently occur on projects but may not occur on every project (i.e., waiting for a K-1 or reaching out to an investment firm for additional information). Developing, optimizing, and managing your workflows will contribute to your success as a team and as an accounting firm. When implementing workflows into your practices, be sure to follow the above best practices.

Financial Cents 40+ Accounting Workflow Templates Will Help You Work More Efficiently.

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Additional Tips to Guide Your Accounting Workflow Management

But even that can be tamed by developing standard processes and optimizing them. Don’t waste time overthinking workflow checklists, like most firms do, until they run out of the motivation to implement them. That’s why firms create, optimize and manage their workflows with software. Accounting software is consistent, mood-less, and gives you what you need any day. Streamlining your accounting processes will make it much easier for you to double, triple, or even quadruple your firm without any growing pains. This should be one of your most seamless workflows that is fueled by automation.

Why You Need Accounting Workflows

Additionally, accounting workflow analysis is not a one-time process. As new tools become available, processes need to be updated to integrate the latest technology. Analysis processes should happen regularly to ensure your firm continues to stay current with best practices in the industry.

Financial Cents

This can drastically limit the strategic visibility of key stakeholders at your company. Many SaaS CFOs have given themselves a leg up by switching to cloud accounting as an alternative to legacy processes. After completing the 4-hour FreshBooks Collaborative Accounting certification, you’ll get access to all the resources mentioned here to share with your team and your clients. Discuss with your client whether you or they will handle paying for the account, along with the next steps.

FreshBooks customer and communications coach Alexis Carreiro told us she was “completely overwhelmed” by other software. She said, “I wanted something far more user-friendly, and that’s why I chose FreshBooks. It wasn’t intimidating, and I could see myself using it.” Her accountant, Rebecca Kittel, can access her FreshBooks account and step in where needed. Some challenges in implementing an accounting workflow include resistance to change, lack of technical expertise, and the need to align different departments and systems. However, with proper planning, training, and effective communication, these challenges can be overcome. No, each organization’s accounting workflow may vary based on specific processes and policies.

Or use it in Financial Cents to organize your workflows and manage your team. Download our free payroll checklist template to improve your team’s accuracy and efficiency. Batch processing allows admins to perform multiple tasks in one go rather than performing them individually. If you have multiple clients with similar requirements gross and net tax shield valuation (such as invoicing), batch processing is a great way of reducing errors and saving time. Steps in a workflow can be as broad or narrow as you want them to be. Answering these questions will give you a big-picture understanding of your current processes and what you may need to do to improve your workflow moving forward.


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